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melody + gabe

manhattan, ks

kinsey + josh anniversary session

palm springs, ca

hannah + keith engagement

manhattan, ks

stephanie + caleb bridals

joshua tree national park, ca


things to expect if you want to party with me:


1. lots of exclamation points!!!! because i get really excited when it comes to my passion and i can't seem to stop using them!!

2. big hugs because they're the best

3. fantastic dad jokes and hilarious puns to get those awesome laughs during our time together

4. i will stop everything and run up to any dog i see and pet it vigorously

5.  fun prompts, constant laughs, and i'll say things like "YAS", "OHMYGOODNESS", and "THAT WAS THE SHOT OF THE NIGHT!!" when i'm shooting and then i'll do a funny dance because i'm so happy


i'd love to create something with you

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